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Discover the best artisan condiments in Waikato, New Zealand
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Waikato artisan condiments include sauces, dressings, pesto, and chutney. Explore artisan condiment producers in Waikato as they showcase the widest variety of condiments, from a friend's Salsa Verde, to Tannie (Aunty) Yvonne's home made tomato and chilli relish to an annually remembered Alioli recipe.

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Top That Condiments

Top That is the brainchild of Olivia, a teenage foodie with a passion for cooking! Inventor of Top That, the new gourmet allergen-friendly meal topper, designed to add fun to your food and revolutionise healthy eating! It’s a tough decision between health and taste - common belief is that if you choose one, you sacrifice the other. The misconception that healthy food cannot be tasty, or that tasty food cannot be healthy is one that turns so many people away from a healthy lifestyle. Not only are heavily processed foods bad for us, but they’re also not good for the planet. We need to eat more fresh wholefoods, plucked straight from the ground or off a tree. A diet with more plant-based foods will nourish our own health and the health of our planet - but perhaps the most painful barrier is simply not knowing how to make plant foods delicious.

With Top That! just one sprinkle can turn boring into scrumptious. With plant-based, refined sugar free flavours of Salted Tahini Caramel, or Caramelised Maple, Chilli & Lime, you can enjoy healthy, gourmet meals without the time, preparation and bland taste. You can also take Snack Packs in your handbag for bland-food-emergencies on the go, or simply eat as a fuelling gourmet snack! Lastly, Coconut Bacon is an addictive vegan alternative to bacon. Packaging is also washable and re-usable, and through Top That!'s Re-Use & Save Scheme, you can save 20% with each order by returning empty packets!

So, say goodbye to soggy salads and bland veggies - with Top That!, health and taste go hand-in-hand!